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Christmas Gift


This year for giving Tuesday we are highlighting and raising money for a new project!  Any money that comes in to the organization on Tuesday, November 28 will go towards meeting this need. Read more about the project below.  

C-Arm for the OR at Emmanuel Medical Center - $65,000

Two years ago, Emmanuel Medical Center was on the verge of closing their doors.  Lack of oversight, equipment, trained staff, and funds made staying open nearly impossible.  Parakaleo International started the hospital revitalization project in early 2021 and the project has included a new maternity ward, new nurses quarters, remodeling the OR, replacing radiology and ultrasound equipment, providing beds and other supplies, and adding several full-time doctors and surgeons, including OB/GYN, Pediatrician and Orthopedic Surgeon.  The hospital is now providing safe and effective care for those living in and around Cayes Jacmel, and because of the availability of Physicians and diagnostics, they often take referrals from other hospitals outside the community.  Emmanuel Medical Center is well on the way to being completely self-sustaining; however, there will continue to be needs that arise, especially since the cost of medical equipment is so high. 

A C-Arm is a specially designed x-ray used primarily in the OR for orthopedic procedures.  It would allow surgeons to take x-rays of bones during orthopedic surgery and the reduction of fractures or dislocations.  This particular C-Arm has a base that allows surgeons to operate directly on the radiological field.  It is also very compact and allows for movement and easy transport. 

We have obtained a quote from BATT-A-RAY ( to purchase this particular model for $65,000.  We are hoping to raise this money and have this equipment available for use in the OR in 2024. 

If you would like to donate to this project, please click on the donate button below.



The ability to view x-rays in real-time during surgery provides better outcomes and more surgical capabilities for the hospital.


Just a few of the lives that have already been changed by the surgical services at Emmanual Medical Center through collaboration with Parakaleo International.


The compact design of the "Smart C" allows for easy transport to Haiti and will allow for the equipment to be brought back to the states for service when needed.


The Smart C also allows for clinical imaging meaning that this equipment has multiple functionalities and could be used daily in the clinic at Emmanuel Medical Center.


Providing working equipment for the OR means more good staff retention and more surgeries can be performed for those in need.


The new maternity ward at Emmanuel Medical Center is just one of the additions and improvements that has been made to the facility.

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