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Short-term Missions Trips

If you or your church/group is interested in getting involved with Parakaleo International through a short term missions trip, this page is for you!

Several times a year, Parakaleo International helps host, guide and facilitate individuals, groups, and churches who have an interest in going to the Dominican Republic or Haiti on a short term missions trip.  The purpose of these trips varies and can include construction projects, pastoral training, teacher/educator training, children's ministry, or medical needs (See our "medical missions trip" tab for more information on these trips). 

We have included several "frequently asked questions" below.  Please contact Hannah Costello at with serious inquiries concerning short term missions trips.   

Please note that short term trips to Haiti are temporarily postponed due to difficulty of travel and dangerous civil conditions. 


"How long are most short term trips?"

"Most short term missions trips are 7-10 days in length.  Those traveling from the West, North West, or North East should allow 1-2 days for travel on both ends of the trip."

"Can my children go with me on a short term missions trip?"

"We love the idea of involving the next generation in missions!  Anyone under 18 would need a designated sponsor or parent to travel with them.  We don't recommend bringing children under the age of 15 and all participants need to be functionally  independent. The age of the participants can also be set by the church or group leaders depending on their comfort."

"How much does going on a short term missions trip cost?

"The cost of each trip varies depending on the nature and purpose of the trip.  However, most trips cost $2,000 per person and include airfare, transportation, lodging, and food.  However, the cost of airfare is variable and subject to change.

"Where would we stay in country?"

Parakaleo International has a mission house in the Dominican Republic designed to house and accommodate missions groups. Groups should expect modest, but comfortable sleeping arrangements in dorm-style accommodations. 

"How many people go on each trip"

"This depends on the nature and purpose of the trip.  However, most churches or groups designate the amount of people on the trip and 10-20 people is an average amount.  If you are an individual wishing to join a short term trip, you would need to wait until there was enough interest from a significant amount of people or join an existing group."

"Can I bring my own food and what will I eat?"

Groups may need to arrange to prepare some of their own meals, while other meals can be prepared by national kitchen staff.  Those arrangements would be worked out prior to you leaving on your trip.  If you have special dietary needs, you may want to bring some of your own snacks as long as they meet airline requirements. 

"Is it safe?"

"Parakaleo International makes every effort to ensure the safety of team members.  That being said, there is a certain element of danger when traveling and despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee physical safety.  We ask that all individuals provide Parakaleo international with proof of health insurance and sign a liability waiver.  We also recommend that groups purchase travel insurance prior to the trip."  

"When is the next planned trip?"

"The next planned trip is to the Dominican Republic in December, 2023.  Parakaleo International is hosting a pastoral training conference.  This trip will focus on training and equipping pastors and church leaders."

"Can I go on a medical missions trip if I am not a licensed medical provider?"

"There are instances where those who are not licensed, but have experience are able to go on a medical trip.  However, this is on a case-by-case basis.  Currently, all medical missions trips to Haiti are postponed." 

"Ok, I am ready to sign up my church/group.  What's next?"

"Please contact our executive VP, Hannah Costello at  Provide your name, church or group name, nature or trip or project you would like to be involved in, and any other pertinent information and someone will contact you about your interest. 

"I want to help train pastors or teachers, but I don't speak Spanish or Creole, can I still go?"

"Yes! Parakaleo International provides trained and equipped translators to assist with short term trips"

"What does my group need to do to prepare?"

"Each group should be prepared with the necessary planning, materials, and skills to perform the jobs pertinent to the nature of the trip.  For instance, if your group is planning a VBS, you need to prepare lesson plans, materials, and train participants to deliver the material. Of course, we will assist you with scheduling and questions related to facilities." 

Already Planning a Trip?

Use the button below to sign in to the team member page.  There you will find more information and can upload travel documents. 

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